Farthest Shore, 2017
HD Digital
Directed by Bobby McHugh and Briana Marela
Director of Photography: Eleanor Petry
Styling: Meg Schmitt
H&M: Lisa Boehm
Edit: Camille Durand
Color: Eleanor Petry and Tristan Seniuk
EFX: Christopher Harrell & Freddy Dobler
Starring Briana Marela, Asenath Lizarraga, and Natalie Day

Dani, 2015
HD Digital
Directed & Edited by Alicia J. Rose
Produced by AJR Photography LLC & Lara Cuddy
Camera & Color: Bradley Sellers, 1st AC: Eric Macey, Gaffer: Steve Waters, Grip: Toby Orzano,
PA: Pawl Oak Honor, HMUA: Tracy Schulz, Assistance by Briana Marela
Starring Jody Poth
Shot on location at The Echo Theater in Portland,OR

Surrender, 2015
Super 8 and HD Digital
Filmed and directed by Christin Turner in Boulder, CO
Assistance by Anna Winter and Caleb Adder
Starring Briana Marela

Friends, 2012
16mm b/w film and VHS Video Feedback/Jitter hue cycling
Filmed by Briana Marela and Taylor Newcomb on a Bolex H-16 in Olympia, WA
Edited by Frederick Dobler and Lighting by Belinda Man
Starring Kaitlin Williams

Morning Light, 2012
Stop Motion Animation/Live Action
Produced by Phoebe Moore, Sam Palmer, and Isaac Goodfellow in Olympia, WA

Awake, 2012
16mm color film
Filmed and directed by Briana Marela with a Bolex H-16 at Priest Point Park in Olympia, WA
Starring Chelsea Brunetti