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Hi there! Happy Spring! I've been busy in my studies, lots of thinking and creating new music! I've had the pleasure of playing some fun shows so far this year, including Noise Pop's 2019 fest where I shared the stage with Baths, Wizard Apprentice, and There's Talk. Living in the bay area has been really lovely for playing shows and seeing new music! People are so receptive and open here. I have upcoming bay area shows through the end of May so keep your eyes posted for shows on the shows section of my website. If you live in san francisco or oakland, especially. Also one show on April 8th at Cal Arts for CEMEC, where I will be playing a piece I wrote and am continuing to work on called, "My Inner Rest".

I am currently booking a full US tour for late May through July, starting in Oakland and ending in Oakland eventually! It is coming along, dates will be posted in early May, but before everything is solidified, if you want me to come through a specific city, please reach out and let me know. Or if you could help book any show date in specific cities, please also let me know!

I've been feeling a bit torn lately between this new completed album of songs that I more or less finished before starting grad school, and my more embodied recent explorations of gestural performance, using atypical objects as controllers. I still love and am fond of the songs I recently have recorded and created, but also feel more drawn to wanting to perform and expand upon my recent new ideas. It feels difficult to choose, they don't feel like they go hand in hand necessarily. Though maybe this is more or less always my feeling of not being completely welcome in any genre specific scene. Regardless, my upcoming shows will vary in the types of songs and pieces I will be playing. I won't always be all pop, or always all experimental. It will just depend on how I am feeling, I hope that anyone who cares and supports my work will understand, and be open to hearing something unfamiliar. Thank you for reading, and I hope to share more music and performance with you somehow soon.

It's finally October! My favorite month of the year, and not just because it is my birthday month! I have always felt most at home in the autumn season, though california is a different sort of variation on the season! More sunny! I'm a month into my MFA grad program and really enjoying it despite some feelings of being overwhelmed! Mostly very good though. Excited to develop lots of new ideas, using techniques and technology I haven't used before!

An exciting thing happened last month I didn't post about here though, I was lucky enough to be involved with Radiolab's More Perfect podcast for their album about the 27 amendments! I picked the 4th amendment and was inspired by a legal term related to it called Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree. I wrote the song to parallel some feelings about consent in relation to this amendment. I am very moved by the people who have reached out to me to say how much they like the song! It means so much to me, I love to hear how the song makes you feel. If you haven't listened to the song yet, it is available to stream everywhere, also please listen to More Perfect the podcast, it is super well done, and I always learn so much from it! Thank you Jad and everyone at Radiolab/More Perfect, and thank you to Hannah Carlen at Secretly for putting me in touch with them! I hope I have an opportunity this cool again in the near future!

Besides this new song being released, I won't have any new music released for a while as I am more or less working on two new albums (one way more done than the other) and in being at school it will take a little longer than usual. I am however in the early stages of planning a tour that would stretch from Oakland to Florida, up to Montreal, and then slowly back towards Oakland! I want it to happen in early summer when I get out of school, if anyone has any suggestions of places to play or could help out, or has any song requests, please feel free to get in touch, my email is on my contact page! The tour will be to test out new songs, and also to play some Call it Love songs, but probably leaning more towards new! Nothing else much to say right now except that I had a lovely time playing some shows in Seattle and Moscow, Idaho this last weekend! And that I have my first show as a bay area resident this Friday in San Francisco at Swedish American Hall with Yumi Zouma! If you live in the bay, hope I'll see you there!

Hi! There are big changes on the horizon for me. I got accepted into a grad program at Mills College in Oakland, CA for an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media! I'll be moving from the Pacific Northwest for the first time in my life, and going back to school after not having been for 7 years! This doesn't change anything about my plans of being a musician though, in fact, I am working on a new album this summer. I'm very excited about these new songs! Going to school too will give me a different sort of outlet for composing, and I know that I will be in a different headspace then, so I'm trying to finish up this album before I move to California in late August. I have plans to release this new album either while I am in grad school, while taking a break, or after I graduate, in order to give this album a proper release and to be able to tour the full USA for it. I was very sad and disappointed to not have gotten the option or had the ability to tour the full USA for Call It Love, and for this new album I will do anything in my power to make it happen, even if it is just a full DIY tour. To be honest, I'm not sure how this album will be released, through a label or not though, but it will be nothing less than the quality of albums I have been releasing. This new album is special too because it marks a return to me recording in Anacortes, Washington at my friend Nich's studio called The Unknown. The album is being recorded to tape and is a stronger collaboration between myself and my bandmate Joel Skavdahl.

Look out for a new song to be released this fall, and if you live in Seattle or Bellingham I have some shows lined up in the near future I am excited about. Ken Stringfellow of The Posies has asked me to open two of their 30th Anniversary Reunion Tour Shows! Find the details on my Shows page. I will also be a guest vocalist on two of their songs as well! So fun, those guys are very sweet! I will be playing the following songs of mine at these 2 shows (it is a fun mix of new and old songs): Horizon, An Energy So Great, Take Care Of Me, Surrender, Speak From Your Heart, Be in Love, and Relay! A pretty special set that likely won't be repeated outside of these 2 shows, so don't miss out! All for now, more for later! xo b

Spring brings change and transition, and this year is no exception. I am prepared to face new changes and feelings head on. Sounds and the musical schematics I see in my head drive me to create new songs and melodies.

I just did a west coast/northwest tour shared with Ever Ending Kicks from anacortes, wa. Thank you to all who came out and were so supportive and sweet at all the shows! It means everything to me, really! It was my first time too playing as a member of someone else's band for a full set! It was a fun challenge and made for a busier tour!

I'll be headed out on some more tour dates in early May, check my shows page for those details. Including a special show opening for Mitski on May 13th! At the moment, I'm heading to Orcas Island to Doe Bay to play a show this Friday the 13th at their resort! It will be a special long set in a beautiful setting! If you are looking for a weekend plan this rainy PNW week, I recommend booking your stay now!
More news soon!

Happy New Year! I am so thankful for the amazing tours and shows that 2017 brought. As well as the chance to release my album, Call it Love, and to bring those songs to life on the stage with my sweet bandmates Natalie and Joel. I am hoping to bring the songs and show to more dates across the US sometime soon in the new year, so stay tuned.

I will be working on new songs this year, and seeking ideas for artist residencies or other ways to have solitude and peace; in balance with inspiring people surrounding me to finish bringing these song fragments and ideas from a swirl of ideas and thoughts into solid form.

A big shoutout to Alex Cameron, and his amazing band for the tour we just finished together in Europe. So much gratitude to Justin "Juice" Nijssen for making it happen.

Today is my record release day for Call It Love! Out today worldwide, on Jagjaguwar! A big thank you to everyone who made it happen including Juan, Ryan, & Josh from Small Black, Alex Somers for mixing the album, Natalie Day & Joel Skavdahl my beautiful bandmates for lending their talents and playing on it, Carter Murdoch and Madeline Waits for doing the album artwork, and to my dear family and friends for supporting me always.

Today is also the release for the only music video I got a budget for to make, for my favorite song on the album, Farthest Shore. Watch it please and read about my inspiration for the song and video. Also if you haven't seen my other artist commissioned visuals for singles from this album, please check those out. Quit by Cloaking aka Ryan Converse, Give Me Your Love by Joey Moran featuring Madeline Wait's art, and Feel What I Feel by Abby Dougherty, aka Neon Saltwater.

Other big news is that tonight I am playing in Portland opening for Aldous Harding, who I admire. Then in September a tour that includes joining San Fermin on a partial US tour, opening for some of their shows which I am really excited about. I will be travelling and playing with my full band! There is an exciting honor to get to open for Perfume Genius on October 21st which will be beautiful and 100% of ticket sales go to benefit The Lambert House, a center for lgbtq youth that empowers through the development of leadership, social and life skills. Working on adding other US tour dates and also likely some European tour dates this November/December. Stay tuned for more info! Also if you still haven't heard the Hoop album that I sing some vocals on, please check that out as well , its an amazing album.

Hey! I've been up to a lot since I last posted! I went to New York in the autumn of 2016 and worked with the sweet boys in Small Black on my new album, coming out on Jagjaguwar later this year! Feels good to have spent most of last year writing and recording! Now I get to look forward to touring more again!

Speaking of tours, check out my upcoming tours with EMEL and with Hoop this spring! The EMEL dates are posted here and in a bigger link so you can't miss it. I feel super honored to open for such a powerful and beautiful voice such as EMEL, I highly recommend this article to read about her. I also feel honored that these shows get to take me to the east coast for a couple shows, then down the west coast in mid-May! The Hoop shows are some fun shows down the west coast, in mostly smaller cities, with some of my favorite peeps from Seattle, I also feel blessed to sort of be an honorary member of Hoop, I got to sing on some songs on Hoop's debut album that is coming out this May, check it out!

Also! My label's label group, Secretly Group, started this really cool project called "Our First 100 Days" that is all about raising money for organizations that support causes that are under threat by the proposed policies of the Trump administration. They are releasing songs for download/purchase, one per day for the first 100 days of Trump's presidency, that are all exclusively released songs to help benefit the greater good. They are including a cover song I recorded of a Leonard Cohen song called, There is A War. I recorded this cover originally for my friend Mike Dixon who runs PIAPTK and I was so happy to be putting a new spin on such a beloved track. Recorded with Gordon Baker in Seattle, we had a fun time making the song a really special version. Check out that cover and all the rest of the songs here consider putting your money towards supporting many causes that we all need to hold dear and protect more than ever before!

Oops! I have gotten so bad at updating my internet presence, I apologize, if you see a show listed that you missed, that could be why. I have been trying to spend more time in the real world than in the internet, but then often just get lost in my own head, which is sort of like the real world except more confusing.

Good things are in the works! I've spent a lot of this year finishing up songs for my new album that I am headed off to go record in New York in October! I'm very excited! More details from that will come about, I always hesitate to reveal too much before something has actually happened. I never am convinced something is happening until it's happening. This album is definitely going in a little bit more of a pop forward direction, which is fun for me because I love pop music! I'm always torn between pop and ambient music but I think this album really makes sense taking a step more into pop! I'm excited to see the direction it is headed. Though I do promise anyone that is reading this and cares that I am also in pre-pre-production of a full length ambient album. It is slowly materializing and I have a beautiful vision for that album as well.

I also finally just got a new computer, one that isn't from 2007 and impossible to use, so I'm really excited to be able to step up my game. I realized just how much having an old tool was keeping me from moving forward. You just can't keep up when your computer knows it doesn't have enough processing power to handle just some simple plugins in a full DAW session. Fully grateful to the aliens who have bestowed this luck upon me! Thanks!

I'll try and post more soon, to be another small presence on the internet somewhere, to anyone who cares! xo briana

Wow! It's already been a week since I played at Sasquatch! Time flies by so fast! Luckily there is lots of summer left. I've been working a lot on my new album and dreaming up other musical and creative projects, and hope to be able to release at least a new single this year! Super excited for that possibility!

In terms of shows, I have a couple cool things on the horizon! First off, in just a week from now, I'll be headed to be one of a couple special musical guests at Camp RAHH on Samish Island, a 3 day adult summer camp! On July 16th, I am honored to be a part of a music festival in Anacortes spearheaded by local record store, The Business. I've been a frequent attender of past music festivals in Anacortes, such as What the Heck Fest and Unknown Fest, and feel lucky to be a part of a branching out from those that is continuing a summer music fest in Anacortes that overlaps with Shipwreck Day! It is a really magical time to be in Anacortes, and in the Pacific Northwest in general, so I really hope you check it out. The last thing I have to announce for now is a fun afternoon show on August 13th that will take place on the Seattle Waterfront at the Hot Spot, presented by the Vera Project, that will feature a great bunch of rad Seattle bands!

More to come soon!

I've already begun another west coast tour with my amazing friend Madeline who plays as Lilac! Excited to be in California once again where the sun is shining more brightly and wamer than up here in the Northwest. I am playing solo once again. We are coming to many smaller west coast cities, places I haven't visited in quite some time! Check out those dates here!

Aside from those shows, the next big show I am playing is at Sasquatch on May 29th! That show will be amazing and with my full band, Joel Skavdahl on drums/ambient textures and Natalie Day on keys/vox! Hoping for more touring somewhere east and south in the U.S. sometime in 2016, but will just have to wait and see. In the meanwhile working on two different records, as well as with my other band, Swooning, we are recording an album that will be realeased sometime later this year! Hope to post more soon! Thanks! xo

Hi! I've got two exciting tours to announce on the horizon! In early March I'll be opening for Waxahatchee on a west coast tour!
Please view the dates here and I hope you will make it out to see us! Playing at some insanely beautiful spots, I feel super lucky to join Katie on these spring dates where she is playing solo!
The second tour will be a more DIY west coast tour traveling with my friend and amazing musician Lilac ! She is amazing! The dates are listed TBA on my show list as of now but those dates will be revealed early to mid March! The tour will be happening right at the end of March/first two weeks of April.
On both of these spring west coast tours, I will be playing solo without friends joining me on stage.

Besides those shows, and some cool local shows in late February with one of the best local Seattle bands, Crater, something else I am looking forward to is Sasquatch 2016 where I am playing on May 29th! I've never been or played before so I'm pretty excited! Also because the line-up looks super fun! I'll be playing this show with my band and perhaps any additional touring around this time! Mostly just news about shows this entry, but stay tuned of course for whatever I have scheming and dreaming in my head. xo b

Happy 2016 everybody! I have good feelings about this year to come! Crossing my fingers to reveal more fun tour dates for this year, to continue supporting the release of All Around Us.

All Around Us was initially meant to be a 10 track album, but it ended up being too long to press to vinyl! Haha, when Alex and I were in the studio we often added parts to songs that weren't originally there when I wrote them, he especially loved making things longer and more drawn out, which is cool! A prime example is the "10th song" that got cut called "Lonely Place." I was worried it would never see the light of day, but I'm excited to announce that "Lonely Place" is being released exclusively as a part of the 2016 Joyful Noise Flexi Disc Series! You can order it from that link above, unfortunately there will not be a streaming digital version of it, so if you are curious to hear a beautiful ambient song with a haunting 3 part vocal harmony, ethereal guitar, and experimental strings by Amiina, than I highly recommend subscribing to the series!

Something I forgot to mention at the end of last year too is that I am a part of my friend Ben Kamen's amazing drum machine app called, Patterning. I am one of many cool musicians that created drum kits of original samples that you can make beats with as well as upload your own sounds and get freaky! It's so awesome that it won Synthtopia's 2015 Readers Choice of Best Mobile Music Apps!

That's all for now, I will post again soon! Keep checking my shows page for updated current upcoming shows! xo B

What a wonderful year it has been! My album came out in August and I've gotten since to do a full U.S. tour to support it! I had so much fun playing with my wonderful bandmates Joel and Natalie! We loved getting to open for Jenny Hval and hang out with Jenny, Håvard, and their tour manager Elaina! When my European tour dates this November were getting figured out I was delighted that I'd get to share a couple dates with Jenny again! I will be playing these European dates solo however and will miss Joel and Natalie lots! Check out my European tour dates here!

Aside from being excited about Europe, I am still really excited about the music video that came out last month for the song "Dani", off of All Around Us. Starring Jody Poth who is an amazing aerialist and person and directed by the savvy Alicia J. Rose from Portland, I really think this video was such a triumph that I wish everyone would swoon to! Please watch it here!

What's next after Europe fall tour dates? Stay tuned! More fun shows in the upcoming year! In the meantime, check out this collaboration I did with Denley, an artist from Yellow Year. We got the chance to work on this song last year and I'm glad it is finally out, listen to it here!

Such a crazy last couple of months and weeks, preparing for lots of cool stuff! Not only do I have one music video out right now for the first single from the album, Surrender, but I just finished wrapping up the shooting for another music video for my song, "Dani". Directed by Alicia J Rose and starring my friend Jody Poth it is going to be so amazing! I can hardly wait!

Aside from music video triumphs, my album All Around Us comes out in a week! At the moment you can stream the full album here on Noisey!

I am beyond excited to head out on tour, first to Europe where I am playing in Amsterdam, Paris, London, and at Green Man Festival, and then a full U.S. tour opening for Jenny Hval where I will have my friends Joel and Natalie as my backing band!

Check out my press section where I will be updating links and posting fun interviews and spotlights of things I have done lately such as this fun nostalgic playlist I made of songs that were inspiring around the time I wrote the album that is accompanied by some beautiful polaroids I took! More from me soon as I head out on tour, approach final days before album release, and debuting a new video!

I'm so excited to announce that my debut album, All Around Us, will be released this August 21, 2015 on Jagjaguwar!
So very happy to get to finally share all of these recordings with everyone! They are so dear to me. Unless you have already "pre-ordered" one through me by backing my kickstarter at a certain level, you can pre-order the record now through Jag/SC distribution! I happen to know that the limited edition pre-order vinyl is clear with smokey touches, so lovely! The album features the artwork of Danielle Burton, check out the pre-order available here! Stream the first single "Surrender" here on The Fader or read my first real interview on GoldFlakePaint!
Also on the horizon are some really fun tour dates this late summer/early fall with Jenny Hval! I will be joined on stage by my friends Joel Skavdahl (SEAGULLINVASION) and Natalie Day! Check out the tour dates here!
I'm headed to New York soon to play a couple shows and hang out so maybe I will see you there! More to come soon! xo

Another long awaited update! Exciting news... my album, All Around Us, will be coming out this late summer! I am beyond excited! It has been quite a while and I'm so ready to show everyone! I can't reveal any more details just yet, but there will be an official announce in May! Stay tuned!

Meanwhile I am working hard to get ready for this release, lots of emailing and business practical stuff. Trying to finish new songs and get ready to demo them. I've also been recording and playing some music with a new band I'm in called Swooning with my friend Michele!

I have some shows coming up including a really exciting one in Portland on May 1st where I get to open for Waxahatchee and Girlpool at the Doug Fir! So stoked!
More soon, xo

A short update with hopefully more things to follow!
Check out my shows page as I have 3 excellent shows in Seattle planned for
January 2015 where I will be debuting some new songs!


Also, available now through PIAPTK is a single for a previously unreleased song of
mine called "Remain" that has been released in such a cool way! It is a CD single
that also has a record groove cut on the top so that you can play it both in your
cd player and record player! So amazing! Mike Dixon is a genius!
It is available to purchase here or find me at an upcoming show, I will have some
with me! Very honored to be a part of this first series of cd/records through PIAPTK...

Although not credited, this song also features vocals and playing by the talented
Paul Adam Benson (Ever Ending Kicks, Motorbikes, Hungry Cloud Darkening) and
was recorded in Olympia way back in early 2011! A cool time capsule of a song
about trying to console myself about the loss of a friendship...

ttyl! xo

Greetings! I have been up to some things this year I swear it! I've been still
figuring out some logistics for releasing my second album as well as trying to
stay busy doing other things!

The original 30 copies of my 7" lathe cut for "I don't belong to you" (artwork
by Danielle Burton) sold out long ago and PIAPTK was awesome enough to
rerelease it on his label in an edition of 75 more copies! No more will be made! It is
so beautiful, if you missed out the first time, you can still get it here... or through
me at a show I play!

Been up to some collaborations and guest spots this year, the dynamic duo Odesza
asked me to contribute some vocals for a song on their new album "In Return", you
can find it reposted on my soundcloud! I also have been trying to finish more of the
the cover songs I promised backers of a certain level from my kickstarter and those
will continue to be posted on my soundcloud. I am also excited to also be on
one of the new Autococoon albums as well as a collaboration song with Denley,
unknown release dates on those...
Aside from all this, I've been writing some new songs and playing shows as always,
excited for Fierce Fest in early October, please consider supporting their Indiegogo
so that this rad Bellingham queer & feminist festival can exist!
Till next time! xo

Wow! Time really flies! And shows my inability to post things online when I'm busy!
It has been an exciting two months here in Reykjavik! I've had such a good time
getting to scheme in the studio with Alex, utilizing lots of fun instruments
including vibraphone, mellotron, tuned gongs, and much more! I am sadly only here for one more week and we are deep into mixing and getting everything finished!
I am so thankful for all the kind people I have had the opportunity to meet here
and excited to return to Seattle to all the wonderful people back home! Also,
Kickstarter backers... expect an update from me very soon!
I feel so privileged to have had this opportunity to work on music every day and
focus so intently on creating something beautiful with a new friend in such an amazing place.
Will be more intentional about updating this site and my other social media, more news soon!

Exciting news that I am a little late in posting! I recently made a kickstarter to help
support the making of my second studio album to be entitled "All Around Us" to be
recorded in Reykjavik with Alex Somers this September!
I am already so grateful and humbled by the lovely people backing this project,
currently it is at 66% with 13 days to go! I am looking at it as more of a pre-order than
anything else and it would mean the world to me to have your support! More news soon!


Check out my updated SHOWS section to see my August 2013 tour dates! I'll be travelling up and down the west coast with Curved Graves !
Come see us and say hey and check out the cool merch we are bringing with us!
I have made more copies of my old tape Water Ocean Lake that I'll have available to purchase! Can't wait to see you, more fun updates soon!

I just released a limited edition Lathe Cut 7" available to buy and listen to here!
For the song "I don't belong to you" that will be on a future album release that is still being completed.

The 7" itself is a work of art by Danielle Burton who worked so brilliantly to illustrate such a beautiful design on two transparency inserts and a clear sticker on the record itself! The record was cut by Mike Dixon of PIAPTK, who makes custom lathe cut releases! This song was recorded to tape way back in December in Anacortes with Nich Wilbur but I only recently finished mixing and mastering it because I was waiting for the records to be done being assembled. It took quite a few frustrating trips to fedex kinkos, but Dani and I finally finished!

I am also happy to say that I am currently booking a mid August summer west coast tour with my friend Cameron who plays as Curved Graves. Stay tuned for the tour dates soon!

The new year is almost upon us and I'm excited for 2013! Here are some quick end
of 2012 updates on what I've been up to!

I released a brand new music video for the song Friends, off of my last album.
Thanks to Frederick Dobler's amazing editing! Also big thanks to the other major
collaboraters on the video, Taylor Newcomb and Belinda Man. Taylor and I filmed it
back in 2011 on 16mm, but I was having a hard time deciding how to edit. I was
wishing we had shot one more roll of film, but thanks to Frederick we worked with
what we had and figured it out!
At the beginning of the month I went up to Anacortes to do some recording at
The Unknown with Nich Wilbur and it was so much fun! I am working on some
recordings for my new tape that I now hope to have done early this spring!
Lastly, just yesterday my friend Gordon and I composed a song for our friend
Luuk Honey's Drone for the End of Time project and I'm really pleased at how it
turned out! Check it out here!

I am happy to think of more collaboration possibilities in the coming year with friends
old and new so that we can create more beautiful music together! Also I am
starting to think about a fall east coast tour/Canada tour! Happy Holidays and
blessings for a wonderful new year!

I've just returned from a two and a half month tour across the country! Travelling
with my sister Lisa, who backed me up on vocals and guitar, we had such a great
time! We'd like to thank again all of the kind hearted people who set up amazing
shows, fed us, and let us sleep on their floors, couches and beds. The way back
to Washington after Chicago we were lucky enough to have Shelby Turner of
Sundance Kids and Richard Album fame join us on the tour. He is such an
inspiration to me, and a huge part of why this tour was so awesome overall!

I'll be taking a short break from playing shows to write new songs and have
summer adventures! Speaking of summer fun though, be sure to attend Helsing Junction this year! As always it is a great line-up, delicious food, and rural beauty...
and if you stay for the Sunday show, you'll see me play!
Another fun thing I'm doing in August is playing at FOC Fest in Portland, which will
be super rad to play amongst other talented women of color in this amazing festival.

Hello! This is the first website I've ever had dedicated to my music and the various
other projects and things I do! Expect improvements upon the site over time and
more added content. Thank you to Gordon Baker for helping and teaching me how
to make a website, this wouldn't exist if it wasn't for his careful guidance.

Upcoming shows include a really great one in Seattle this next weekend on
March 3rd at The Chapel with Heather Perkins and Christi Denton of Electrogals
as a part of the Wayward Music series .

Stay tuned for information about my spring/summer tour starting this April 2012
and the release of my first full length album "Speak From Your Heart"