photo by orlin nedkov


A short update with hopefully more things to follow!
Check out my shows page as I have 3 excellent shows in Seattle planned for
January 2015 where I will be debuting some new songs!


Also, available now through PIAPTK is a single for a previously unreleased song of
mine called "Remain" that has been released in such a cool way! It is a CD single
that also has a record groove cut on the top so that you can play it both in your
cd player and record player! So amazing! Mike Dixon is a genius!
It is available to purchase here or find me at an upcoming show, I will have some
with me! Very honored to be a part of this first series of cd/records through PIAPTK...

Although not credited, this song also features vocals and playing by the talented
Paul Adam Benson (Ever Ending Kicks, Motorbikes, Hungry Cloud Darkening) and
was recorded in Olympia way back in early 2011! A cool time capsule of a song
about trying to console myself about the loss of a friendship...

ttyl! xo

Greetings! I have been up to some things this year I swear it! I've been still
figuring out some logistics for releasing my second album as well as trying to
stay busy doing other things!

The original 30 copies of my 7" lathe cut for "I don't belong to you" (artwork
by Danielle Burton) sold out long ago and PIAPTK was awesome enough to
rerelease it on his label in an edition of 75 more copies! No more will be made! It is
so beautiful, if you missed out the first time, you can still get it here... or through
me at a show I play!

Been up to some collaborations and guest spots this year, the dynamic duo Odesza
asked me to contribute some vocals for a song on their new album "In Return", you
can find it reposted on my soundcloud! I also have been trying to finish more the of
the cover songs I promised backers of a certain level from my kickstarter and those
will continue to be posted on my soundcloud. I am also excited to also be on
one of the new Autococoon albums as well as a collaboration song with Denley,
unknown release dates on those...
Aside from all this, I've been writing some new songs and playing shows as always,
excited for Fierce Fest in early October, please consider supporting their Indiegogo
so that this rad Bellingham queer & feminist festival can exist!
Till next time! xo

Wow! Time really flies! And shows my inability to post things online when I'm busy!
It has been an exciting two months here in Reykjavik! I've had such a good time
getting to scheme in the studio with Alex, utilizing lots of fun instruments
including vibraphone, mellotron, tuned gongs, and much more! I am sadly only here for one more week and we are deep into mixing and getting everything finished!
I am so thankful for all the kind people I have had the opportunity to meet here
and excited to return to Seattle to all the wonderful people back home! Also,
Kickstarter backers... expect an update from me very soon!
I feel so privileged to have had this opportunity to work on music every day and
focus so intently on creating something beautiful with a new friend in such an amazing place.
Will be more intentional about updating this site and my other social media, more news soon!

Exciting news that I am a little late in posting! I recently made a kickstarter to help
support the making of my second studio album to be entitled "All Around Us" to be
recorded in Reykjavik with Alex Somers this September!
I am already so grateful and humbled by the lovely people backing this project,
currently it is at 66% with 13 days to go! I am looking at it as more of a pre-order than
anything else and it would mean the world to me to have your support! More news soon!


Check out my updated SHOWS section to see my August 2013 tour dates! I'll be travelling up and down the west coast with Curved Graves !
Come see us and say hey and check out the cool merch we are bringing with us!
I have made more copies of my old tape Water Ocean Lake that I'll have available to purchase! Can't wait to see you, more fun updates soon!

I just released a limited edition Lathe Cut 7" available to buy and listen to here!
For the song "I don't belong to you" that will be on a future album release that is still being completed.

The 7" itself is a work of art by Danielle Burton who worked so brilliantly to illustrate such a beautiful design on two transparency inserts and a clear sticker on the record itself! The record was cut by Mike Dixon of PIAPTK, who makes custom lathe cut releases! This song was recorded to tape way back in December in Anacortes with Nich Wilbur but I only recently finished mixing and mastering it because I was waiting for the records to be done being assembled. It took quite a few frustrating trips to fedex kinkos, but Dani and I finally finished!

I am also happy to say that I am currently booking a mid August summer west coast tour with my friend Cameron who plays as Curved Graves. Stay tuned for the tour dates soon!

The new year is almost upon us and I'm excited for 2013! Here are some quick end
of 2012 updates on what I've been up to!

I released a brand new music video for the song Friends, off of my last album.
Thanks to Frederick Dobler's amazing editing! Also big thanks to the other major
collaboraters on the video, Taylor Newcomb and Belinda Man. Taylor and I filmed it
back in 2011 on 16mm, but I was having a hard time deciding how to edit. I was
wishing we had shot one more roll of film, but thanks to Frederick we worked with
what we had and figured it out!
At the beginning of the month I went up to Anacortes to do some recording at
The Unknown with Nich Wilbur and it was so much fun! I am working on some
recordings for my new tape that I now hope to have done early this spring!
Lastly, just yesterday my friend Gordon and I composed a song for our friend
Luuk Honey's Drone for the End of Time project and I'm really pleased at how it
turned out! Check it out here!

I am happy to think of more collaboration possibilities in the coming year with friends
old and new so that we can create more beautiful music together! Also I am
starting to think about a fall east coast tour/Canada tour! Happy Holidays and
blessings for a wonderful new year!

I've just returned from a two and a half month tour across the country! Travelling
with my sister Lisa, who backed me up on vocals and guitar, we had such a great
time! We'd like to thank again all of the kind hearted people who set up amazing
shows, fed us, and let us sleep on their floors, couches and beds. The way back
to Washington after Chicago we were lucky enough to have Shelby Turner of
Sundance Kids and Richard Album fame join us on the tour. He is such an
inspiration to me, and a huge part of why this tour was so awesome overall!

I'll be taking a short break from playing shows to write new songs and have
summer adventures! Speaking of summer fun though, be sure to attend Helsing Junction this year! As always it is a great line-up, delicious food, and rural beauty...
and if you stay for the Sunday show, you'll see me play!
Another fun thing I'm doing in August is playing at FOC Fest in Portland, which will
be super rad to play amongst other talented women of color in this amazing festival.

Hello! This is the first website I've ever had dedicated to my music and the various
other projects and things I do! Expect improvements upon the site over time and
more added content. Thank you to Gordon Baker for helping and teaching me how
to make a website, this wouldn't exist if it wasn't for his careful guidance.

Upcoming shows include a really great one in Seattle this next weekend on
March 3rd at The Chapel with Heather Perkins and Christi Denton of Electrogals
as a part of the Wayward Music series .

Stay tuned for information about my spring/summer tour starting this April 2012
and the release of my first full length album "Speak From Your Heart"